Monday, October 20, 2008

The Challenge Begins

Welcome all and thanks for reading. My name is Abe. I am a resident of Lynnwood, WA. My wife, Stephanie, has lived in Lynnwood for 3 years and I have lived here for 1. In our time in Lynnwood, we have had many occasions to drive up and down Aurora Ave., AKA Highway 99. Aurora is littered with hundreds of restaurants, many tucked away into strip malls. My wife and I are of the opinion that some of these restaurants must be good; a select few must be amazing.

The trouble is: how to tell? How can one possibly sift through this sea of eating options and know which restaurants are worth his time? Enter Eating Aurora. The goal of this blog is simple. I, accompanied at times by my wife, will eat at every single restaurant on Aurora between Airport Way (in the North) and Edmonds Way (in the South). In addition to a summary of what we ordered, how it tasted and what it cost, each restaurant will receive one of 3 rankings: 1) never again; 2) acceptable; and the coveted 3) will return. I anticipate that the overwhelming majority of restaurants will score a 2. Setting out to eat at these hundreds of locations, the 3 will be a mark of distinction indeed.

So friends, the stage is set, the challenge is on and Eating Aurora is underway!

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Erwin's 2nd Grandson-in-Law said...

A lofty goal, indeed. I look forward to reading all about every single restaurant. One question comes to mind. Will you be sampling the fare from the plethora of fast food "choke and pukes" along the way?

Anyway, I will very much enjoy reading about your adventures.